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Relax, renew and sweat it out in an Infrared Sauna

Because #SelfCare is having a moment, there are all kinds of new treatments and experiences popping up, all promising life-changing things. I’ll admit, I’ve jumped on the self care train pretty hard. I’m a big ol’ floater! I have a standing float appointment every week and I only miss it if the sky is falling down.

Last week, the sky fell down.

I was in the store buying knock-off Pringles when I made the impulsive (bad) decision to bleach my hair (told you it was bad). It went about as terribly as you’d expect, but I figured covering it up with the new colour would take care of that.

Yeah, nope.

Made another trip to the store, bought some more knock-off Pringles and a box of darker hair dye. I ended up with dye all over my face and a few really good splotches on my arms, which of course looked like bruises. Great.

The best part? For the next week, my hair turned water brown. Bubble bath? Brown. Shower? Brown. Not just like a nice light tint, either. This was full on mud-puddle brown.

So, yeah. Needless to say, floating wasn’t gonna happen. Darn.

I really look forward to my weekly float appointments because they are a great “reset” for me. They help me feel centered, renewed and refreshed. The idea of not floating is pretty crappy. Like I said, the sky needs to be crashing down and raining mud on my head for me to cancel!

Recently my float location brought in an Infrared Sauna and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Not exactly a float, but still some kind of self care to keep my ritual intact. Awesome, sign me up.

Time to sweat it out!

The Details

Cost: Ranges from $10 – $30, depending on the length of time (20-45 minutes), service add-ons and membership options.Prices based on Calgary locations.

Where to sweat it out: Clear Float Spa (my location of choice), FloatLife, Prema Wellness Centre, Inner Balance Spa, and One Love Float are some providers of Infrared Sauna experiences in Calgary.

Prep: Don’t shower right before the appointment. There is a shower in the room, but that’s for after. If you have long hair, bring a hair elastic because you’re going to get sweaty. Like, really sweaty. For the same reason I would recommend going make-up free.

What to wear: Nothing, or a bathing suit. I really don’t know why you would want any more than that on you, because seriously it gets HOT.

The room and sauna: The sauna is in a completely private room, with a shower and showering supplies included. The room locks from the inside and you have control over the amount of light in the room, and the colour of lights inside the sauna. Obviously I chose purple, because purple is the colour of my soul.

The time and heat are automatically set, so no need to touch those. But if you get too hot, and you probably will, just open the sauna door for some quick relief.

If your sauna has bluetooth, connect a quiet meditation track or podcast and store your device in the cupboard inside the sauna. Seriously, it’s a thing. The cupboard keeps your device accessible, but also cool and protected from the heat. This has millennial written all over it.

Claustrophobic? The sauna has glass walls and a glass door inside a large private room, plus you have full access to open the sauna door at any time. Trust me, you will be more concerned with melting than feeling claustrophobic!

When it’s over: There is no audible notification when your time ends, but you can see how much time is left on the panel inside the sauna. And really, you’ll be keeping an eye on that timer by the end, even if you think you won’t — you will! If you stay in too long, staff will flash the lights in the room to signal you’re over time. Shower, then you’re done! Head to the zen room to relax or get on with your day — you’ll have an amazing glow.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Besides being super relaxing, rejuvenating, and sweat-tastic, infrared saunas are said to relieve pain, burn calories, flush toxins like heavy metals from your body, improve cardiovascular performance, improve immunity and sleep, and cleanse skin. The jury is still out on the validity of the detoxification claims, but to me the whole experience is like a combo of spa time and post-zumba sweaty bliss, and totally worth it.

I really enjoyed the peacefulness of the sauna, especially since I could listen to my favourite meditation track from Insight Timer through the built-in speakers. Every detail feels personalized and really enhances the overall experience. I left feeling relaxed, happy, and glowing from the inside out. In fact I loved it so much that I am thinking about alternating between floats and saunas for my weekly self care appointments. It was that good.

For more on the benefits of Infrared Saunas, I recommend reading the notes from Clear Float Spa, FloatLife, Prema Wellness Centre, Inner Balance Spa, and One Love Float to understand the goals of using an infrared sauna and deciding if it’s something you want to try.

Obviously, if you have health concerns or pre-existing conditions, make sure you check with your doctor first — hanging out in 54-60°C heat is no joke!

Would you try sweating it out in an Infrared Sauna?

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