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Eating like a Gilmore Girl left me full of carbs, coffee and a Stars Hollow smile.

I was 10 years old when Gilmore Girls first aired in the year 2000. I used to sit cross-legged on the floor every week watching the new episode with my Mom, pretending to do homework during the commercial breaks.

That was the year we thought the world was going to explode, so maybe that’s why the Yo La Tengo song “My Little Corner of the World” from the first episode was extra comforting — if all else failed, that corner would survive.

This corner of the world named “Stars Hollow” also looked and felt a lot like the small town I grew up in, complete with funny bylaws and town politics. Nothing taller than the clock tower? No franchises allowed? Flower beds spelling out words? Yep. All very Stars Hollow-esque if you ask me.

We even had our very own version of Taylor Doose as town mayor!

I remember feeling excited every time a new season of Gilmore Girls came out on DVD, because that meant I would receive it as a gift on my next birthday or holiday and get to add a new box set to my collection.

I’ve watched the show start to finish more times than I can count. When I moved out? Gilmore Girls. Studying for University finals? Gilmore Girls. Breakups? Gilmore Girls. Stressed? Gilmore Girls.

And now that it’s on Netflix? Forget it. No point even trying to count anymore!

So when a member of the Positively Glowing Community mentioned there were Gilmore Girls books (shout out to Serena!!), I was completely shocked that I, the single biggest fan of Gilmore Girls, had never heard of them. Who was I?!

I immediately searched my local library to see if they were available, but instead I stumbled upon something else equally as magical — a cookbook with themed recipes from the show!

Eat like a Gilmore cookbook cover

Obviously I knew I needed to test out some fun favourites from the show, so I went through the book and picked out five recipes to try — The College Latte, Pancakes, Cornbread, Macaroni & Cheese in a Jalapeño-Chipotle Cream Sauce, and last but not least, Dessert Sushi.

This adventure took place over a couple of days and lucky for you, I took some video behind the scenes and saved it from my IG stories for your viewing pleasure. Hope you enjoy the ridiculousness!


Remember when Sookie accidentally flirts with her old friend Joe from cooking school when he sees her without her wedding ring? Then she goes home and makes Jackson’s favourite foods, puts on his favourite music, sits him down to tell him and immediately he says “oh my gosh, you cheated on me!” Of course she didn’t really, but it’s one of my favourite Sookie and Jackson scenes!

This cornbread was one of Jackson’s favourite things and I definitely can see why. It’s so good. I’ve never made cornbread with cheese in it before, but man, that makes it super tasty!

I didn’t have an 8 x 8 pan like the recipe called for, because mine is hiding somewhere, but luckily improvising with aluminum foil worked just fine.

My cornbread turned out a lot lighter than the photo in the book, but that could have been from the glass dish / aluminum foil combo for all I know!

Check out the behind the scenes on this super tasty cornbread:

Macaroni & Cheese in a Jalapeño-Chipotle Cream Sauce

After Lorelai and Sookie lost their jobs when the Independence Inn closed from the fire, they started up a catering / party company to help raise funds for their own inn. Lorelai planned the parties and Sookie handled the food.

Well, turns out that the kid’s “Lord of the Rings” birthday party was a whole lot more adult-themed when it came to the food.

Sookie made mac and cheese, but with a jalapeño-chipotle cream sauce, making it spicy and green. Not exactly kid friendly! And remember the braised fish and blanched veggies? Yuck, even the little girl dressed as an elf thought so when she spat out the veggies and put them back on the plate.

My mac and cheese didn’t turn out green, but boy was it ever spicy! This is also when things got a bit… messy. Here’s some behind the scenes on the spicy situation:

Dessert Sushi

Rory and Logan were planning a post-graduation trip to Asia before everyone’s least favourite newspaper tycoon, Mitchum Huntzberger, put the kibosh on all that when he showed up to that awkward Martha’s Vineyard trip.

In true Lorelai form, she used this as an opportunity to throw an epic themed dinner celebration to cheer Rory up and bring Asia to her — Lorelai style — meaning covered in sugar and Hello Kitty!

This dish was easily the most over-the-top, expensive, ridiculous and completely unnecessary thing I made. Seriously. Had I paid more attention to the quantities in the recipe I wouldn’t have spent so much, but that marshmallow fluff only came in one gigantic size, so there was no helping that mess.

I mean, look at it! It’s massive.

Even I have to admit the little sugar bombs turned out super cute. I couldn’t resist adding jujube wasabi and licorice ginger — if you’re going to make something as silly as dessert sushi, you might as well go all out.

But really, what am I going to do with the rest of that fluff? Look how little of it I used! Here’s some behind the scenes on the dessert sushi — and really, I want to know: have you heard of “fluffernutters” and have you / would you eat one?!

The Dinner

Because I’m not actually a Gilmore Girl as much as I want to be one, I had to add a salad. How on earth did they eat the way they did? Nutso.

Aside from the mac and cheese burning my face off and not being green, it was sooo good. I expected it to be heavy, but neither the cheese nor the cream sauce were super overpowering. It’s almost too bad because it would have been nice to have some relief from the ridiculously spicy peppers!!

Guess that’s what happens when you don’t fully cook the jalapeños, blend in all the seeds and add too much chipotle — who knew?

Here’s some more behind the scenes on my very Gilmore dinner:

The next morning the Gilmore meal on the agenda was breakfast, with The College Latte and Pancakes because, Luke’s obviously!

The College Latte

If there is one thing that is easily associated with Lorelai and Rory, it’s coffee. Coffee coffee coffee, and nope that doesn’t mean three cups!

This latte is totally a cheater version, but that’s something I love about this book actually. There’s “Sookie’s way” and “Lorelai’s way” indicated on some recipes — obviously Sookie’s way will always be super gourmet and homemade, whereas Lorelai’s way will take short-cuts and be faster. Sign me up for Lorelai’s method, please!

The College Latte uses instant espresso, which I was actually excited to try because I’ve seen the Nescafe Gold Espresso in the store but never really knew how to use it — or if it was any good. Turns out that YEP, it’s good.

I made mine with 3.25% lactose free milk and that was a treat.

I mean it’s me, so obviously it didn’t go exactly to plan — I don’t have a milk frother and a whisk is not a substitute. Here’s the behind the scenes:

I’ve actually made three lattes now because they’re just so fast and easy now that I know what I’m doing. I wish I had figured this out when I was in university and guzzling bad coffee to stay up all night!


Luke’s pancakes are pretty iconic and if Lorelai and Rory were lucky, he’d throw in some blueberries or chocolate chips to celebrate special occasions or just make them happy.

My pancakes however, are not iconic. They suck actually. I’ve always been terrible at making pancakes — crepes are my jam, pancakes are not.

But I knew I had to try and make them, so I read and re-read the recipe a thousand times and got to work making these super decadent whole milk and buttermilk pancakes — with chocolate chips and blueberries, just because I could.

What do you think? They turned out pretty good right?!

I feel like it’s only right to show you behind the scenes because well.. these were a bit of a battle. Who’s surprised — not me!!

The Verdict

This was really fun. Totally unnecessary, totally over the top, but just a really fun way to spend some time reliving the magic of my favourite TV show!

I’ve still got some leftovers in my fridge of the mac and cheese — and let me tell you, that stuff just keeps getting spicier the longer it hangs out. Whoa. The cornbread is long gone though because it was too yummy. Oops!

If you’re as big a fan of the show as I am, do yourself a favour and get the cookbook! There’s actually a second one available now, which I absolutely want to try next.

The range of recipes is great and they’re all really easy to work into your everyday meal planning — maybe with the exception of this guy:

Honestly I almost made this just because it’s so ridiculous, but as they say, “The Santa Burger is a gesture” — not exactly something you want to eat. Or is it? What do you think?

What are some of your favourite Gilmore Girls moments? Any other recipes from the show I should try?

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