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Download mindfulness right into your hands, for free.

The idea of mindfulness is to live moment to moment, focusing on bringing awareness to your thoughts and state of being. The last thing you should be doing is panicking (accurate word choice for me..) about how to relax.

What if I told you that you could download mindfulness right into the palm of your hand, right now, for free. Would you? Of course you would! Here are my 3 most used, most loved, and most recommended apps for mindfulness on the go – because let’s be real, if it’s on your phone you’re more likely to use it.

My Affirmations

Mindset is important on this new mindful journey you are embarking on, and that negative self-talk that we both know you have going on inside your head is not going to help.

My Affirmations shifts your outlook and replaces your self-talk with positive thoughts that can pop up at set intervals and be set to topics relevant to you.

My favourite way to use this app is their home screen widget, which refreshes throughout the day. Now, if you’re like me, you check your phone roughly a million times a day – so you see this often. Like the affirmation says, “each day my thoughts become more and more positive” – mission accomplished.


Meditation is a biggie in mindfulness practice. Centering yourself and bringing a sense of calm to your core is essential – and it’s also a little daunting if you’re just starting out.

What I like about Buddhify is that it’s straightforward to use and really intuitive. Can’t sleep? Tap “Can’t Sleep” and several meditations will be presented to you. Stressed? Tap “Stress & Difficult Emotion” and you’re on your way.

Buddhify meditations are easy to understand and simple – no need to feel intimidated or out of your depth. With Buddhify, you’ve got this. Plus it’s a rainbow wheel and who doesn’t love that.



Insight Timer

I won’t pick favourites, but.. Insight Timer is pretty darn great. This app contains meditations, both guided and unguided, music, talks, and even courses. The amount and quality of the free content is incredible.

Since I’ve started utilizing the deep sleep guided meditations from Kenneth Soares in particular, my ability to remain mindful throughout the day has improved. The quality of my sleep has increased drastically and the occurrences of intense anxiety have substantially decreased. That’s what I call winning (can you win at mindfulness?).

Insight Timer’s breadth of material along makes it a worthwhile download. 100% would recommend.


Which app are you going to download first? Do you have any others to share? Comment and let me know!


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